Customer information

When we provide our services, which include Internet access, computer, networking or tower work, we must obtain certain information about you. This information may include your name, address, email address, telephone, mobile and device numbers, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, credit information, payment information, and contact information.

We may also gather information about how you use our services. And some services, like Internet service, require us to obtain additional information about your home or business, and how you would like to use the service. We also take pictures of the equipment set up, including wiring, antennas, roof access and conditions, as well as main Internet connection to router or computer.

Pictures of antennas on roofs of homes or buildings may be placed on our website. These pictures are copyright protected and are not legally available for download or to be copied. We share customer information with third parties for their own use only where the law requires it or customers have consented to it. For the most part, federal law covers the release of information in these circumstances

Network management

We use the information generated on our networks to manage those networks, to plan for future development, and to keep our services running reliably and efficiently. For example, we monitor data to check for viruses, to control spam, to prevent attacks that might disable our services, to ensure that your traffic does not violate your subscriber agreement or our acceptable use policies, and to guard against other inappropriate or illegal activity.

This may involve looking at the characteristics of our network traffic, such as traffic volumes, beginning and ending points of transmissions, and the types of applications being used to send traffic across our network.

In limited circumstances, we need to look into the content of the data (such as the specific websites being visited, files being transmitted, or application being used) for the purposes described above, in circumstances when we are concerned about fraud or harassment, to repair a problem we detect or that a customer contacts us about, or when we are providing the content of broadband traffic to law enforcement which we only do as authorized by law.