IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ: When troubleshooting your router, many customers will attempt a full reset. DO NOT DO THIS. A full reset will erase all your settings and a technician will have to be dispatched to your location to re-program the device. There is an additional charge for this service.

Locate the Router

At the back of the router there is an ethernet connection that says WAN (shown in blue). If it does not say “WAN” it could have the word “INTERNET” labeled in yellow instead.

Cable Check

Once you have located this particular connection, please make sure the cable is connected and tight at the back of the router, then follow the ethernet cord we checked, it will go to the signal injector (PoE). ( See an example below).

Check the Light

On this device, I am going to ask you to check the light at the top to be on and steady in either Green or White. Then the 2 ethernet cables connected at the ports to make sure they are tight just as you did with the router’s end. And finally, we are going to follow the power cord until you reach the electrical outlet and you are going to disconnect it from there, make sure the light on the PoE becomes completely off.

Check power outlet

10 seconds and connect it back to the power outlet, this will make the light to become on and steady again, once that part is done, please wait 3 minutes and then try the internet connection one more time.