TWIN vs Cable

Fixed Wireless Internet vs Cable Solutions

The days of laying miles of expensive cable between your Internet provider and your home or neighborhood are over. Fixed wireless internet uses radio signals to deliver connectivity from a tower located ten miles or less from your home. No pesky cables. No sky-high installation fees, just simple, reliable internet for all of your online needs.

Fixed wireless internet, sometimes called fixed wireless broadband, is one of the best cable alternatives due to the fact that the signal travels over the air instead through physical cables.

What’s the Difference Between Fixed
Wireless Internet and Cable Internet?

The primary difference between fixed wireless internet and cable internet is the means of signal delivery. They both deliver data from a distribution point to an access point, like the router in your home or office. However, cable relies on heavy physical cables that travel from the distribution point to your home, while fixed wireless internet delivers connectivity through radio waves.

The lack of physical cables tethering your home to the distribution point for internet can make internet more accessible to even rural or isolated homes – At a much more affordable price. As a result, fixed wireless internet can make getting internet easier for every home.

Features Twin Internet Cable
Technology Twin Internet: Fixed wireless (Microwave Towers) Cable: Coaxial cables
Coverage Twin Internet: Upper Rio Grande Valley Cable: Wide (Urban and suburban areas)
Speed Twin Internet: 25 Mbps - 1 Gbps Cable: 200 Mbps - 1 Gbps
Latency Twin Internet: 10-20 ms Cable: 10-20 ms
Cost Twin Internet: Starts at $39.95 per month. Cable: Much Higher
Installation Twin Internet: Faster (self-install or technician) Cable: Professional installation required
Weather dependence Twin Internet: Less affected Cable: Unaffected
Availability Twin Internet: Limited to areas with tower coverage Cable: Wide availability
Transparency Twin Internet: No hidden fees, fixed pricing Cable: May have hidden fees, price changes possible
Customer support Twin Internet: Local, dedicated team Cable: National call center
Uptime guarantee Twin Internet: 99.99% Cable: Varies
Price increases Twin Internet: Never Cable: Possible
Bundle options Twin Internet: None Cable: Often bundled with TV and phone

Let’s Talk Tech: Fixed Wireless
Internet today vs Cable Internet

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